Reaction to a “First Look at Star Wars Episode VIII”-Toy Merchandise picture

The first image on toy merchandise for Star Wars Episode 8.star_wars

Not much has changed on each character. Fin is in a lighter color outfit, similar to that of Han Solo. Poe hasn’t changed much at all by the image. But the one that stands out a little bit is Rey.


Firstly, her hair is down unlike her first appearance in the previous episode. Secondly, she is in fact wielding a lightsaber. In the first film, she used a blaster and a staff. Though in the later part of the film, she did use a lightsaber and fought off Kylo Ren. Now for the last change.

Rey is in a darker outfit in the upcoming film. What that means to the film is up to conjecture but now I find myself interested in what direction they are going in. Before we all jump to conclusions and start yelling “OMG Rey is going to the dark side!!!” Wait a minute, we’ve seen this before…

Seen here, on the left is Luke Skywalker in episode VI and on the right is the same character but in episode IV. In the first film, Luke is in a white, brown outfit that is very plain. But in episode VI he is in a dark colored outfit.

In one of the courses I’d taken at Southern Maine Community College, my professor had brought this up to us for literature. He spoke on the costume change between the movies and what it actually meant.


Now, in Rey’s picture we can’t tell if she has a white outfit underneath but I wouldn’t count it out. I think it’s a great tribute to what George Lucas had started and I am looking forward to it. But just remember everyone…






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