A Prediction & Analysis: The Future of Captain America

captain-america-movie-posterChris Evans has been doing a great job of portraying the soldier, the first Avenger: Captain America. Starting in World War II, Steve Rogers is a young man with a mission. That mission is to join the military and fight the evil that was Nazism. Long story short, he takes a secret super soldier serum (try saying that 10 times fast), and becomes our iconic hero. Takes on the nazis and the infamous Red Skull and ends up frozen in ice until modern times. But even after 70 years, he still holds American values.

I really like Captain America, even preferring him over the wise cracking Tony Stark. But over time, I’ve done a little thinking of each character and discovered a little about them. I used to not really care for Tony Stark, thinking he is just too arrogant. But that is part of his charm. Not everyone can be as good as Steve Rogers is. Almost all the catastrophes in the different movies can be blamed on Tony Stark. But you know what? It’s not all his fault.
To Err his Human
Tony is the Everyman in a way. He makes mistakes, he loses friends, family, everything here and there. Doesn’t trust very easy, nothing to blame him for. He is only human. He isn’t a super. He makes mistakes and that is why we can all relate to him. We are all Tony. We strive to be more like Captain America, a shining example of justice and freedom.

Now for my prediction: I think that Steve Rogers is going to be killed off. Maybe not the next movie, but probably the final and we will have someone else take the mantle. I believe it will be James “Bucky” Barnes.


We’ve seen Bucky use Captain America’s shield in all of their movies. He wields it well, comparable with Steve.

I thought after seeing Captain America Civil War that maybe they were grooming Sam Wilson/The Falcon to be the next one in line but now I’m not too sure. What lead me to this was his role Civil War, that his part was expanded on and that he does become the new Captain America in some of the latest comics.

It’s not that much of a reach. But I’ve watch the movie many times and think he’ll most likely stay as sidekick.

At the end of Civil War, Captain America drops his shield and leaves it behind.He is no longer Captain America. There is someone else that is going to take up the shield and wield it for good. After some of the credits roll, there is a scene where Bucky is being frozen away so maybe they can figure out a way to get rid of the mind control that Hydra had installed in him. During his fight against Iron Man, he had his metal arm blown off. So, upon rewatching Iron Man 3 and seeing the version of Extremis and how Tony said he had a way to fix it up…I have another theory. I think also, that Tony will have to help Bucky at one point, called into some desperation and use the Extremis virus to re-grow Bucky’s arm. The event that could draw this on would be the death of Steve Rogers.

Of course, I could be wrong…I have been before. But, in a way I hope I’m not. I love Chris Evans’ Captain America but if they do kill him off, who better than his best friend Bucky Barnes?



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