We all have responsibilities. Every choice you make, everything you do. It all has consequences. You should learn this at an early age but maybe you weren’t brought up right. Maybe you learned it from video games, like The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones games by Telltale. It just seems today people are avoiding their responsibilities.

Whether it be dodging the fact that you got someone pregnant and you run away or not showing up to your job on time or at all for that matter. Every choice has its consequence. I’m not entirely innocent of it either. I like to blame high school for a lot of mistakes and wrongdoings but really some of the blame goes on me. I wasn’t really taking school seriously, I’ll admit that. I’ll also say that the school does have its problems. I won’t go further into that because I’d prefer not to go on a rant, like I usually do. Nikki knows this VERY well.

Last night, I could’ve left my post at work when I was SUPPOSED to, but I stayed because it was the responsible thing to do. I stayed an extra half hour, a half hour I’ll never get back do to someone not taking responsibilities for their actions. Someone who frequently shows up late and then, instead of getting right to work, likes to complain about what happened to them. I do the mature thing and ignore them and continue closing down for the night. Oh and on the subject on night. I am stuck at the moment on three to midnight schedule for the rest of this week and probably the foreseeable future because of people not taking responsibility. I’m not going to go and blame the people that left, well two of the three I won’t. They were put in a hostile situation and they made their choices. What happens next is up to them.

I put in my notice the other day, said I’d work one more month there and that I’m done after that. I get to live with my choice. I’ve been relied on a lot at my current workplace and finally, after last night, the me that would take on any duty, the me that would say “yes” to coming in early and helping out. That me is gone. I got tired of being used there and so I’m done. I get to live with the fact that money won’t be coming in as much as it used to. I get to live with the fact that because of that choice I might be seen as lazy or whatever. I get to live with it and I accept that.

Don’t go and dodge your responsibility because it is all on you. You made a choice, you did it. No one forced you on this road. If you did something that hurt someone, work to fix it. You got someone pregnant, take care of them. You left your job because it was too hard, find something else. You can’t just go around saying “its his fault” or “its her fault”. It’s all on you. Deal with it.


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