He lay in the hospital bed that he had been in for years. The beeping of the distant, monitor the chatter outside, all noises you become familiar with. Suddenly from the TV, came a special that he was involved in many, many years ago. He sat up and began to watch. Remembering all of his wife and good friends, who had long since passed. He began whispering some of his old lines, and laughed a little at seeing his image. Seeing the makeup and how they made him look old is he now. The special seemed to go on forever, but he held attention and by the end shed many tears. He thought long about the friends he lost, and how he had outlived most of them to much surprise. He took a look at the monitors and let out a sigh. He then smiled and then chanted “I’ll be with you soon” and let go of his life knowing he would be right. He to be among the stars in the stars and everything would be alright. No more beeping monitor to show he was alive, but a sparkling star above to keep him in mind.

-I wrote this with Abe Vigoda in mind. When one heard of his death, I immediately remembered that HBO was doing a 7 hour special of The Godfather, putting the 1st and 2nd films together. So I imagined this little story up, it could be true, could not. I will never know. Thanks for reading.


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