With just a couple more days until the big holiday, I decided to put on a movie that terrified me as a kid and even now as an adult. Halloween, and I’m not talking about that slasher porno Rob Zombie did. I’m talking the original. Made with the low budget of $300,000 it made one of the highest returns on a movie in history.

Starring a young and unknown at the time Jamie Lee Curtis (daughter of the lead in Psycho) and already seasoned actor Donald Pleasence, it was directed by John Carpenter who had only just emerged after the success of Assault on Precinct 13.

This film still haunts me today. I still remember being terrified to sleep in my room at the time and trading rooms with my grandma and grandfather. The closet in the room looked exactly like the one in the film. It’s also the reason I sleep with the light on. I hate the dark because of all the horror films I grew up on, but most of all from this film.

I still remember I few years ago having a dream that I was sitting in the family volvo nearby a car wash and seeing Michael Myers climb onto the car and that somehow I was able to drive the car and crashed it into something. I climbed out of the car and looked over and the most haunting thing from the dream is that he spoke. He said “Everyone has their day with me.”

The movie was ranked as the 5th most scary movie of all time and I believe it. I’m not a fan of horror movies really. The scariest film I’ve got in my collection is Aliens: The Directors Cut. I’m not much of a fan of them, but I do respect the contribution that the film has on history.

As much as I hate the movie, I respect different filming methods used. Like how Michael lifts this guy off the ground with one hand and then stabs him. You never see the knife hit him, like Psycho and how Michael sort of just stands back and looks at what he has done. Not in a remorseful way, but like he is admiring his own work. He tilts his head to each side as if he is someone judging a piece of art. It’s creepy but it’s to me, one of the best filmed scenes in movie history. It’s so subtle and just a short scene but I think it makes the film.

A little bit of trivia for you all is that the mask used is a Captain Kirk mask with the eyebrows cut off and painted. Dr Loomis’ name is another tribute to Psycho, with Sam Loomis being Marion Crane’s lover from the film. When Michael is driving behind Jamie Lee Curtis and her friend, the radio is playing Don’t Feel The Reaper by The Blue Oyster Cult. All of the actors wore their own clothes for the film and half the movie budget went for the cameras. But my favorite bit of trivia is that Christopher Lee was approached for the part of Loomis but refused. He later would say he regretted not taking the part.

Thank you for reading and I recommend watching this film in the next couple days. Watch the sequel too, Halloween 2, it’s a pretty good one and neglect the others. Thank you.


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