Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain is the final game in the series focusing on Big Boss and the most likely Hideo Kojima’s last Metal Gear title.

At first, when the game was shown in ads, I didn’t care about it. I’d lost my interest after Ground Zeroes because of changing Big Boss’s/Snake’s voice actor David Hayter for Kiefer Southerland. I played through Ground Zeroes when it came out and completed it in about 10-12 minutes and was disappointed.

I thought that it wasn’t up to par with other titles and put it away until just recently. I picked it up again and played through, mostly trying to rack up more achievements and up my gamerscore. But then, something happened. I cared about it. I cared about the story, Big Boss and what happened in it. I went through, rescuing prisoners and trying to be stealthy. I’m not very good at that but I’m learning. I devoted hours to replaying missions and listening to cassette tapes in the game to learn more.

After that, I had to have Phantom Pain. I got an email from Gamefly about joining again for $1 so I joined immediately and put Phantom Pain in my Q and waited eagerly for it to come. It was taking a while so I decided to take some of the money I’d earned from photographing a wedding and headed out to my favorite shop Bullmoose. To my surprise there were a couple of copies left and I grabbed one as soon as I could. Once I began the game, my worries about it being bad were washed away.

The graphics are great and very colorful. There is an open world which is a first for Metal Gear and it’s great to not have to worry about just doing missions. Just go out an explore. The characters and wildlife look great and so does the weather changes. I love seeing it rain and thunder in the game.

The story takes a while to really understand but it’s well worth it. Make sure to listen to the cassette tapes in the game to understand a lot of what is going on. Those little tapes provide a great deal of the story and it is wonderfully done. Plus, you can find classic 80’s tracks in the game to listen to. I love that the theme for the game is David Bowie’s The Man That Sold The World. It fits perfect to the story and I find myself listening to it again and again.

The characters all have their own personalities and motives. Each one is different than the last. I didn’t really care for the sniper that joins you called Quiet until the very end. I love that all your buddies have their own little stories that you can unfold too. My favorite addition to the game is Revolver Ocelot, a long time rival to Big Boss and that he helps you through the game. I always liked his character and it was refreshing to see more of him. Also, it was great meeting Big Boss’s pet and ally, DD/Diamond Dog. After spending a lot of time with him, you’ll be able to customize him and change his appearance. I’ve got him with a glass eye and black fur with a vest and electric baton.

It took me about 5 or 6 long days to complete the story and I’m all ready to start it all over again. It is a great game and a close rival to my favorite Snake Eater.

There are so many twists and turns that it leaves you guessing the whole time. Sometimes you’ll be right, other times you’ll be really wrong. I was right predicting little things in the game but was really thrown for a loop with everything going on. I was 2nd guessing myself the whole time and that’s one of the things I enjoy about it.

By the end of the game, you really just have to sit there and take it all in. Take some time to let it all relay to your brain and just think about it. It all makes sense eventually and it’s amazing. I highly recommend this game to fans of the series, to others I recommend you start with Snake Eater because it is a phenomenal game on any of the systems available.

Please try the game at least and see what you think. I, personally love it and will continue playing it again and again as the years go by. I thank you for reading and really hope you enjoyed reading this.

I will always be with you.


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