If you’re like me, you love comic books and get excited every time a new animated movie on your favorite comic series is announced. I’ve been like that for a long time but lately, I haven’t cared so much for the animated films that have been coming out about Batman and such.

I absolutely hated the Suicide Squad animated film because it focused too much on “fan service”. What I mean by that is that Harley Quinn got to run around in a skimpy outfit and then sleep with another character.
Harley Quinn sleeps with Deadshot

Now, I saw a clip from the new film Justice League: Gods and Monsters and had a few things wrong with it. For one thing, Harley Quinn yet again is in a new skimpy outfit, essentially lingerie and the animators focused a lot on trying to sexualize the character with a disgusting display. At first, I was impressed with the visual style of the clip, it seemed like the good old days like the 90’s animated Batman series but then when it showed Harley Quinn and all that, it really ruined it for me.
Justice League Gods and Monsters clip

Lately, these films have been going downhill and doing a lot of “fan service” instead of really building on characters. I mean come on, there are kids out there who love Batman and all that and this movies are making a disgusting mockery of these characters.

I saw it again, a few years back when they did the Damian Wayne Batman film and they overly sexualized the character Talia Al Ghul.
Talia Al Ghul clip

I, personally am getting tired of it but what do I know, I’m just a life long Batman fan who prefers Mask of the Phantasm to all of the crap that we are getting bombarded with.

I think what it is that the fans themselves have over-sexualized the characters themselves and now the people in charge see this and think “Well if they think Harley or Talia are sexy, lets give me sexy.” So yeah, I think a lot of the fans are ruining it for everyone else.

I just want things like they used to be. Focusing on story, character backgrounds, the character’s feelings, why they do what they do, etc. Not some cheap fan service for the loser fans.

It all just drives me crazy but that might just be me. Hope you enjoy this post and hope you have a great day.


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