I don’t talk about Nikki enough. My blog has been mostly me talking about movies and games and such but I haven’t really tackled talking about people that mean a lot to me. So today’s post is going to be about Nikki and how we met and everything.

    I had just joined the website Deviantart and had been working on posting my writing on there, just a few poems here or there. I had just logged in one day and the page loaded up some pictures of the newest art people had put up. I glanced a moment and then among the drawings of anthropromorphic people and horses and such was a picture of Nikki and her friend Ash. I commented, just to say it, that she looked beautiful and everything went on from there. She ended up commented back to me and we talked for several weeks before I asked her if she’d be my girlfriend.

    Sure we live 3000 miles away but we travel every summer to see each other. She came up first to see me and brought her mom and we all hit it off. I traveled up there and experienced Washington state. We’ve done this for a few years now and it’s always so hard to say goodbye. But we never say goodbye, what I tell her I got from the movie John Q. “It’s not goodbye, it’s I’ll see you later.” Because we know we will see each other later and everything will be alright.

    We’ve stood by each other throughout loss, pain and everything. When I was stuck in the hospital from the worst experience in my life, I had her to talk to and comfort me. Every night I got to call her and sit up with her. We couldn’t see each other but we were both there for each other. When our pets had passed on, we’ve been there for each other. When her beautiful German Shepherd Kyra had died, I spent hours building a tribute to her on Minecraft. One may think of it as corny but I am kind of corny. I glassed in the tribute in the game and put up lights so it will shine ever on.

    She always inspires me to be the best me. She is my muse for my writing, I just have to talk to her and then I get inspired to write about something. And so this is to her. The girl that just put up a picture one day and ended up with this red head from Maine. I love you Nikki, always have and always will. Thank you for always being there for me and I’ll be there for you.




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