Chapter one

He was happy. This was, to him, the first and last day he would live. He spent much of his life in a coma. During the coma he had experienced enlightenment. During his coma, he fell into darkness.
Suddenly, someone took his hand. Alestor was returned to the present. He grasped this hand and he ran through the carnival with this young woman.
This all started as he walked the streets, looking for something to do. This was the day he’d chosen to live. A Halloween carnival struck his sight and filled his senses.
After the coma, Alestor was alone. No family and the friends he had were all gone. He had been taken in for a short time by a nurse and took in an education. He spent his days reading her old school books and even her medical books.
The carnival was beautiful. The smell of caramel apples, candy corn and the heated pumpkins being carved and lit for the night. The laughter and screams filling the air. The flashing lights and music set an eerie tone.
He was put in a coma after walking home from school. Some men were having an argument. As Alestor tried to avoid them, one pulled him close and used him as a human shield while pulling out a firearm and blowing away his enemies. Whoever these people were, this wasn’t going to end well. Alestor struggled and then was shot and left for dead. No one found him for hours and by then he was nearly dead. He was holding onto his life.
The haunted hayride was fun, to Alestor. The girl was holding him tight with fear. He found the terror fascinating. How easy it is to scare someone into retreat. He held her closer to him, her hair tickling his face and the smell of her perfume calming him immensely.
His friends abandoned him. His family didn’t care anymore. No one wanted to deal with someone who would just sleep. Funny, Alester had thought. Funny that they were humane enough to keep him alive, but not enough to stay with him. His family wasn’t even informed of his awakening, his nurse felt they shouldn’t be and moved him in with her so that he could be safe.
He sat with her on a bench by the subway. The night had become colder so they huddled together.
“What’s your name?” She asked softly. “Alestor Landon.” She held him tight and whispered “I am Laureline Silver.”
He held her close and looked at the time. The train was late but it was always late so on the ride he told her his story. She listened and provided her commentary and noted that his scars weren’t noticeable without being told what happened.
The next morning, he woke in his bed but he wasn’t alone. Laureline had joined him. He had an arm around her and checked to see if they were still clothed. He was happy to see they had been. It wasn’t that he wouldn’t sleep with her but he didn’t want to get too close. He had had his day of living. The problem was that he was already attached. Laureline woke sometime later and he pretended to still be asleep. She kissed his cheek and then wrote her number on his wall. She then whispered something to him and then went on her way home. Alestor jumped up and watched her walk away. He knew from their conversation last night that she wanted to be close to someone. She never felt close to anyone really, not even her family. That night was a rebirth for the both of them.
The attachment was so great that Alestor nearly forgot what he was planning.


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