Halo has always been one of my favorite games. I was a bit late getting into it because I had a Mac desktop computer and Halo was for Xbox and PC. Of course, after some looking, I found a Halo demo, downloaded it and began.

I was so amazed by the graphics and what little story I got in the demo. Then, after playing that single story mission about 300 times, I hopped on the multiplayer and tested my skill against other people. It was all so intense and I couldn’t hold my excitement back. Everyday when I’d get home from school, I would jump in that chair and start up the game. Even if I lost, I was having fun. I became quite the combat driver with the old warthog and loved driving it in capture the flag. I would grab the warthog and have everyone pile in and I’d go driving around every bump. I’d drive right into the enemy base and park in there waiting for an ally to grab the flag. Once they did, I’d drive in reverse and get the hell out of dodge. If the enemy had done the same thing, and gotten my flag I’d chase them down in my warthog and tip them over and keep going. Even when normal game modes were getting boring, I’d pop in a mod and start again. My favorite was called Hell and you could wall run and pistols shot out infinite rockets.

This all lasted for about a year or two and then a few years later, after the 360 was released, I had picked up an Xbox and grabbed up Halo Combat Evolved and Halo 2. Again I was sucked into the games and couldn’t put them down, I beat them alone, I beat them with friends. I memorized The Silent Cartographer level and knew every in and out and how to kill that one Golden Elite before he closed the door on you. At the end of Halo when Chief says “Finishing the fight.” Oh man, the hairs on my neck and arms were raised. I couldn’t wait for the next instalment into the series. I sat back and listened to the Breaking Benjamin song at the end and ate up a pizza.

Halo 3 came out and I waited a while before picking up a 360 but once I did, that game was on my short list to grab. I played through Halo 3 multiple times and loved editing my own maps and goofing off on multiplayer. I made friends that I’m still friends with to this day and hoped for another instalment. I began reading some of the stories and kept pushing myself in the games. I’m still not good enough for legendary difficulty but I do try.

Halo Reach was such an exciting time. I remember just checking my old yahoo email one day and seeing a message from Microsoft about starting up Xbox Live for $1 and getting Halo Reach beta. I immediately told my grandma and I started up Xbox Live and then Halo Reach beta started up and I couldn’t even believe the experience. It took place before the first game and told the story of Noble Team. I loved the beta, the multiplayer was one of the best and still is one of the best I’ve ever experienced. Sure it was a little glitchy and I had to restart my system a few times because of errors but I loved every minute of it. My favorite moment was that I hijacked a warthog and was sitting on the turret, the driver was an enemy and he didn’t hop out and kill me or anything, he just kept driving. Suddenly, I see the edge of a cliff and I already know the end to this story. Yeah, he drives it off the edge and I just laugh the whole way down.

My girlfriend Nikki got me Halo 4 for Christmas one year and we both played it again and again. It still kicks my ass even on normal difficulty sometimes. The multiplayer was pretty good, and very challenging but it was great playing online with her and sometimes her brothers Jeremy or JJ. I just remember when I got to the end of the game and reflected on all the missions, all of the games and fights before this ending and then letting out a few years. For those who don’t know, I won’t spoil it. I just was heartbroken, like probably a lot of people were. I sat there in tears and tried to hold it all back, hoping it wasn’t true.

Now, I have seen the trailers for Halo 5 and I sit in wonder. I like to figure things out, often times I’m wrong but I still like to try. Hell, when they released the soundtrack for Arkham Origins I looked through all the titles and tried to figure out the plot before anyone else. I was very wrong but it’s still fun to try right? So, I have looked through Facebook and Reddit and all kinds of places to find more information. All I can say is, it doesn’t look too good for Chief but I hope he holds in there. He is one of my heroes, and one of the many tattoos I have on my arm. For Halo 5, I think I will be getting an Xbox One afterall. I’m always going to be loyal to the series, even if I don’t agree with something or am disappointed in another. You can’t not find fault in something. I mean, I really did not like Halo ODST and couldn’t even finish it. I just could not stand the weird dialogue and love triangle or whatever it was, still can’t. Halo Wars wasn’t bad, and I’ll probably revisit that game.

I just thought I’d share what Halo has been to me. I’ve always had a great time with the series and still can’t believe that Nikki and I went through them all in such a short time. Yeah, we were both pretty Halo’d out but we still hop on every now and then. At the moment, I’m redownloading Halo 3 to my 360 and I can’t wait to go through it again. I’ll probably start them from the very beginning again and relive everything again. Wouldn’t be the first time and certainly won’t be the last. I want to thank you all for reading and hope you all enjoy it. I might record some gameplay and put it up here, if you all like. Anyway, thank you all for reading!


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