Hey everyone, I’m not so good at writing 100 words a day, so I’m going to do 700 a week. I think that sounds like a good plan, and hopefully you all enjoy what I put up. I’ve got to get back into poetry and writing. I daydream all of my stories and then never write it all down. Probably going to scrap one of my stories, Reaper Boy and start again.

Reaper Boy is about a young man, in high school who encounters the grim reaper and lives to tell the tale. He finds out that there isn’t just one grim reaper but many who do the job and that there is one leader to all of them, that has his own rules. The Reaper’s Code started out as just a poem, but I began writing the rules of the reapers as poems. I think it an interesting idea, and I’ve already planned a sequel and three-quel. I might post the old version of the story on here and see what you all think, make sure to give your commentary on it. I can only learn from what you say.

So I’ll be working on all of that and hope you enjoy what I write. Thank you for reading!


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