I love animals, always have and always will. I grew up with a cream colored poodle and some cats. Most of our animals have been ones we have taken in off the street or out of a bad home.

The cat I have tattoo’d on my arm is to remind me about loving animals. His name was Johnny and we took him in a long time ago. Johnny had been living with some bad people and when the police did a crack raid, my uncle Joey took him and gave him to us. He was so scared and hid a lot so we imagined he was probably tortured. To further evidence this, he had an oddly shaped tail which looked like he had to chew it off to get away from something or someone did it to him. After some time, he came around and became my cat. He was a beautiful, chubby black and white cat that hardly ever blinked and was quite remarkable. Before us, he lived with my Uncle and accidentally stuck in a wall after he was doing remodeling. When we got him, truly showed he had nine lives. He roamed the streets with our tuxedo cat Hamilton and they hunted together but always came home. Johnny once got hit by a trunk, that dislocated his jaw but he ended up alright. Another time we had to take him to the vet because he drank some antifreeze. He was quite strong for a cat coming out of bad conditions. He was sweet too, always around to be petted and babied all of the kittens we had come our way from our cat Ramona. He took care of them and taught them to fight and hunt. After almost 20 years together, he started to take the turn for the worse. He began having¬†seizures and then we noticed that he wasn’t acting quite right. His eye looked like it was being pushed out and he just didn’t seem like him. We had him put down but I held him and dug a hole in the backyard on a cold day to bury him. I’ll always love him.

We’ve taken in more cats and dogs since then and have given them all the love and care they could ever want. Sure, they can act like jerks sometimes but we all love them. Earlier today, I was looking on Facebook, and like I told Nikki, I follow more animal pages on there than people. I saw a story of a young cat that everyone just ignored and it was hurt so bad. It had maggots on it and a lot of different infections. It all ended with a happy story of a young 7 year old who took him in and helped him to get to health. But below that article, I saw a not so happy story. The story of a kitten they called Ugly and how he was kicked a lot and people turned the hose on him and left him to die. That one man took him in and tried to help him. That the kitten that was called Ugly died in his arms and it all changed how he looked at what is beautiful and what is ugly. It made me break down. I had read the story before and cried my eyes out before at it.

I’m an animal lover and what I’m asking all of you who read this, is to share it with your friends, with your family. I want you all to read it through and if you see or hear about any animal that is abandoned, any animal that people turn their faces at, I want all of you to take those animals in. They need our help, they look out for us. I know that my cat Azrael looks after me. When I’ve been upset or mad, he always hops up in my chair on my bed with me and plays with my hair and has me pet him. I want all of you to take them in, even if you can’t pay for food for them or house them, at least take them to a no kill shelter and let them get the help they need. I know it’s hard but if everyone, if everyone did this, there wouldn’t be any of those sad stories like the kitten called Ugly. Please share this and think about it. Thank you.

Vinny 1231424774_296157733777530_590966546_n

Ugly the Kitten


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