I was like some people, and when The Fast and The Furious came out, I wasn’t that interested. For one thing, I was a young kid, and more interested in Batman and cartoons that real movies. Some time later, I decided it was time and I began watched the films, one by one. I began to love them, it took a while but I loved the characters, the story, the message. The message that family is most important and that at any moment, you could lose someone most important to you. So you give them your love, your time, you give them everything.

One night, I’m up playing the end of the newest Splinter Cell, talking to Nikki on the phone like usual. I’m at the last part of a mission and then Nikki stops talking and breaks the news to me. She told me that Paul Walker had died in a car crash. I sat there a moment about to laugh thinking that it was only another one of those fake death things you see and hear all the time on Facebook and all that. I looked it up for myself and it all hit me like a train. I felt this sudden rip in me, but I held it on in, and finished my game. Later that night, I was on webcam with Nikki and I broke down and cried so hard. I couldn’t hold it in any longer and it was pretty bad.

I had made fun of Walker when he was going to be cast in the Hitman movie, I still don’t think he would’ve been right for the part but we’ll never know now. I think this is why it hit me so hard. I had made fun of him and I had no right to.

I read later that he was on his way from a charity event and I read all about his charity Reach Out Worldwide. I watched his videos, seeing him out there after tsunamis and hurricanes and other natural disasters. He was down in the muck, risking his life for other people, trying to do anything that he could to help. I loved that and it made me break down again.

For days after I would cry and cry about it. That he was really such a great guy and that we had lost someone who actually did something good for people. He didn’t just get on tv and ask other people to help like other movie stars do. He actually got down and did it himself. Nikki asked me why I was so hurt about it, I told her that it’s because he was a really good guy.

Later on, I was on Facebook and saw that westboro baptist “church” was going to picket his funeral and that set me on edge. I shook with anger and my heart beat went through the roof. I couldn’t hold it anything back and flipped out. I couldn’t stand that they would do such a thing to such a great guy.

I still think that he is a great guy, I know he is. I may never have met him but I consider him family and love and respect him. I can’t wait for the new movie to come out and I urge all of my readers to go see it on the 3rd of April. No matter what feelings you may have on Fast and Furious, support the man, the family that started it all. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy!


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