I am about to share with you all a story or two about me. I have quite a few stories, true stories about me that I will share on this blog. And I probably should type them all soon as I have missed a few days writing. I think it is the change of the season, always seems to effect me. Anyway, without further ado, here we go.

So I don’t really like horror games, I barely play them because it always seems to be dark when I go to play them and then I’m too paranoid to sleep and so I turn on all the lights I can in the house. Yes, I am still scared of the dark. But you would too if you were very little and watched Nightmare on Elm Street, Jaws and all of those classic horror movies. Sure they are kind of campy nowadays but when I was young it scared the hell out of me.

Anyway, I’m sitting up in a dark room and I’m playing a horror game, I think it was FEAR 2. I’m climbing through vents and there are noises and then I see these horrible terrors, these weird mutated, bloody creatures and I freaked out so bad. I made it to the end of the game and then realized that I had to use the bathroom. So I go and walk in and don’t close the door. Remember, I’m paranoid. So I’m standing there, doing my business when I hear some noise outside of the bathroom and I start peaking through the space between the door and the wall and I see a shadow making its way toward me. So what do I do? Nothing logical of course. I spun away from the toilet and begin to spray my would-be attacker with the yellow stuff. I hear a cry into the air and find that it was just my cat Batman and now he is all wet and is gazing at me in disgust and shock. I felt so embarrassed and then had to tell Nikki who laughed and laughed.

How about another story? Well I was in 2nd grade I think and we were all having a class meeting. This meant that we would all sit indian style and listen to all that the teachers would be saying. So I am sitting there, struggling to hold my position because I never was any good at holding indian style. So I am wiggling around and my friend Travis was smirking and laughing a little and so I laughed a little too. Then one of the teachers walked to me and asked me to go sit at one of the desks. Oh no, I’m in trouble now. I go slowly with my head down and sit at the desk and then in front of everyone, I bury my face in my arms on the desk and start crying. The teacher comes up and asks me what is wrong and I tell him that I thought that I was sent to the desk for misbehaving and he laughed and shook his head. He tells me “No, I just sent you to the desk because I saw that you were uncomfortable sitting like that.” Oh yeah, that all happened, I felt kind of horrible about it later.

One more before I go? Oh I don’t know..should I? Alright, alright. So I was in high school and this particular day we lost power in the school so most people were doing there own thing. Everything was dark and so really there wasn’t much to do. I wanted to leave but first I had do use the bathroom. Oh yes, another bathroom story but this one gets my friend Chris Reynolds every time. So I go into the bathroom and there is no light, I mean this bathroom is so dark I can’t see my way around. So with my mindset, I think “No way am I going to be feeling around for the urinals or anything.” So I do what I thought at the time was logical and I just open up and do my thing on the floor. Yeah, I had to do number one. So I do this, and finish up. I leave the bathroom, use the sanitizer outside the bathroom and I am all set. But then my friend at the time Graehme goes and walks into the bathroom, I’m about to head away when I hear a screech and him yelling “what the fuck? why is it warm?” Oh he wasn’t happy when I told him what it all way but hey, at least he had black pants on and not white.

Well that is all I’ve got for today, hope you enjoy some of these stories, I still laugh at some myself now and then. So thanks for reading and I’ll see you the next time.


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