The following is a tidbit of my humor, be warned there might be adult content, cursing and things that outright offend. Because you’re still reading this, I guess you’re not easily offended or you’re curious but just know I did warn you…

Stranger: “You know who you look like?”
Me: “No, who?”
Stranger: “That red head guy uh what’s his name?”
(I am Joe’s complete lack of surprise, reference to Fight Club)
Me: “Rupert Grint?”
Stranger: “Who? No, that singer guy..Ed Sheeran!”
(Everything stops, I look at the camera and raise an invisible eyebrow)

I have been told by many people that I look like celebrities. At one point it was Rupert Grint or Ron as some would know him as in Harry Potter. I have also heard that I look like that one guy from Mythbusters. But more so now, people say I look like Ed Sheeran, who I didn’t even know until I had to look it up. So here he is:


And here I am:

IMG_20150316_181205 IMG_20150316_181141 IMG_20150316_181148 IMG_20150316_181159

I must say it’s one of the things that ticks me off. I’m easily ticked off, oh Nikki knows this very well. Oh very, very well. Anyway, I look at the picture of me, then back at Ed and back at me. Well to quote Isaiah Mustafa’s Old Spice commercial “He isn’t me.” That being said, I am so much better looking and he so obviously copied my look. Nikki is laughing right now reading this because she knows the next of the words to follow are: I did it first. And I did, I’m an original. I’m my own art piece.

Just look at that skin! Porcelain white skin. And check out that wavy hair that always is a mess. And my imperfect perfect teeth with that gap. Dat Gap. And those invisible eyebrows, how terrifying it would be to color them in. That rugged beard so thick and dense. Why you could easily lose something in it. I am beautiful!

I am an absolute original and to say I look like Ed Sheeran drives me crazy because I am obviously more attractive. I’m funnier, I’m nicer, I’m better lookin’, I am awesome, he is not.

(a break)

In all seriousness, I hate Ed Sheeran and every time someone says I look like him it just infuriates me so much. I can’t stand the guy, I just hope someday he changes his look because well I had it first. Don’t be a sheep Ed, don’t copy what you see, do your own thing. You’ll feel better for it and I will too.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoyed my humor, I know I had to take a moment and giggle at it too. Thanks again.


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