That headache post

I’ve got a pretty bad headache so again I don’t feel like writing but I’m still hanging on to doing this. I am a little late on my post but I went to a great show today, and have been taking to Nikki and playing Xenoverse. I’m quite a procrastinator, and I am pretty sure you out there know that.

I think what got me into writing was a lot of different factors. One is that I never did good in school. My head was always in the clouds and I was always daydreaming different scenarios. I am quite sure I made people uncomfortable because in my little daydreams, say if someone was being hit in the face or screaming or something, I’d make the right face for that situation based on if it was happening to my character or not.

I was and still am a big Dragon Ball Z fan and so I’d daydream about what if my couples friends and I had those powers and all that. I even came up with different Super Saiyan levels, like Crystal Saiyan. I did this for years and well to be honest, I still do. I’m always going to be that way.

I was good with English classes but really nothing else. I had teachers complement me on my writing but I’ve also had them say that it was “disturbing”. I don’t mind that, I would’ve liked more feedback than that but you get what you get.

Besides all that, I read No Country For Old Men and Fight Club, before I saw the movies and was very impressed with the writing styles and just had to keep writing after seeing that. I was hooked instantly with those books though I haven’t read more by the authors because I get disinterested pretty fast and some of their other stories seemed kind of dull compared to the ones above.

I think that another influence on me writing was that my sister and I used to go outside and pretend we were in Power Rangers or Digimon or Pokemon, Gundam and Dragon Ball Z. I can still remember creating my own Power Rancher, a Tiger, Black and Orange Ranger. Oh yeah, I thought I was a big shot. I wonder if, when I have kids one day, if that’ll add to my writing too. That would be really cool, I am considering doing a children’s book.

Maybe I’ll put up some of my work on here and see what you guys think, thanks a lot for reading all of my posts guys, it means a lot! Thanks again!


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