Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z get a lot of praise when it comes to anime and manga. You can’t have a conversation about anime without getting on the topic of one of the above series. But there is one black sheep, an ugly duckling if you will in the series. It is called Dragon Ball GT. It is bashed all the time on forums, pages on facebook, everywhere. About anyone who likes the series is seen as an enemy and is attacked for it.

I will admit, I too make fun of it time to time but as someone who has rewatched it, I’ve come to like it for its imperfection. No series is perfect, not Dragon Ball, not Dragon Ball Z. There are moments or sagas that we just can’t stand. It’s like this with everything we like. I mean, I personally don’t care much for the Saiyan saga in Dragon Ball Z because I thought it dragged on quite a while without much happening, this could be said for all the series really but I pick out the Saiyan saga because it was hard for be to get through. It finally got interesting once Nappa and Vegeta showed up but then there was waiting for Goku to finally show his face. I love Dragon Ball Z, but I know it is not without it’s faults.

Dragon Ball was to me a bit hard to really get grabbed by. It was only when it got into its 2nd season that I would really get into watching it. I do praise it, as I praise Dragon Ball Z for having moments of maturity and horror and surprise. I love that in a series, but Dragon Ball didn’t have that much of it in the beginning, not nearly enough to get me that interested.

Now for GT, I praise it for being able to break our hearts all over again. Saying goodbye to the characters we have all loved and rooted for is not an easy thing. GT does just this and adds new faces and shows what happened to different characters after Z had ended. Most people were angry about how it was childish and made jokes a lot but I give it praise for that as well. I take it that all of that is a tribute to the first series Dragon Ball. GT may have changed things about characters and did things we didn’t exactly agree with but it kept, in my opinion to what the series should’ve been. Action, comedy, mystery and adventure. This is what made me fall in love with the series in the very beginning. The introduction of Goku’s granddaughter Pan I thought was a great addition, sure she didn’t really do much but I liked the character, it reminded me of those days in Dragon Ball when Goku would be traveling with Bulma. I think Pan and Trunks shared bits of Bulma’s personality and brought it to GT in a new way. It was great seeing all of our heroes stepping up again against impossible odds and coming out of top. By the end of the series, you cry once again as you have to say goodbye to them all over again. That final scene with Goku and Krillin doing one last fight just makes everything harder, it makes you look back and you hear old Roshi talking about the old days when they were so young.

No, I do not think GT deserves the hate it always seems to get. I think it added to the already great and flawed series and gave us another chance with our heroes. I think it let us know our heroes are always there, no matter what and they’ll never give up for us. I will always have a special love for Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and GT. I hope you will tell me what you think, and please don’t be rude about it. Thank you!


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