Everyone always finds room when talking about Batman to go of on Batman & Robin. It is fair game I suppose, I mean it is a pretty big mistake as far as Batman goes. But is it truly the worse Batman ever?

Batman ’66 was a very corny Batman to get through.It was almost painful to get through. Don’t get be wrong. Burgess Meredith, Cesar Romero, Julie Newmar and Frank Gorshin did great jobs as the characters they represented for the kind of show it was. But Adam West and Burt Ward were really terrible. Adam West, to me felt more like a pervert in the Batman costume and Burt Ward was really lame to watch. It was a terribly corny show that went on for a couple years and made a movie but to me it’s really horrible to watch. Nikki and I barely made it through the movie.

Batman 1989 and Batman Returns. These were the only two Batman movies done by Tim Burton and were quite a step up from the previously mentioned Batman. With it’s dark and gothic tone, it really took more to the comics. Michael Keaton was one of the best actors to portray the character but still the film didn’t follow as close to what some would’ve liked. Jack Nicholson was not a very good Joker, he was funny at times but he just couldn’t stop being Jack Nicholson. Some of the movie was so absurd but still it is enjoyable once in a while. The sequel with Danny DeVito was slightly better but went a bit too far dark, I think. The Penguin was so disturbing, so gross that it was hard to look at him and that Catwoman I thought was just too dark and I couldn’t care for the character at all.

Batman Forever, oh boy. This was one of my favorite films as a child but since watching it now as an adult it really was pretty bad. Val Kilmer is a great actor but he was no Batman. I thought his Bruce Wayne wasn’t bad, almost on par with Christian Bales. But Jim Carrey’s Riddler was so painful that even Tommy Lee Jones would fight with him and once yelled at him on the set saying “You’re not even funny.” Wow, well Tommy Lee Jones is a great actor but his Two Face was awful. Including Robin is what dragged this movie down too, Chris O’Donnell is a horrid actor in my opinion. Adding to the disappointment in this film was Nicole Kidman who just was overly sexual in the movie and didn’t belong in it at all. Besides the actors, the over use of leather and neon lights was annoying and unnecessary. Not to mention that everyone picks at George Clooney’s Batman for the Bat Nipples but Val Kilmer’s Batsuit had them too. It’s fun to watch once in a great while if you’ve got nothing else but I mean it, if you’ve got nothing else.

Christian Bale’s 3 Batman films were good, they all had some strengths and all had a lot of weaknesses. One weakness I thought was the Rachel Dawes character, while the character was alright in Begins, she was annoying and I think a lot of us were pleased when she died in Dark Knight. Aaron Eckhart was an alright Harvey Dent, more so reminded me of those old days of watching Matlock. But his Two Face was another failure, with the cgi of his burned face and how he drank down some alcohol without flinching with no skin on his face. Bane in the 3rd film was a great addition but the story just ruined him and ruined how the film’s influence Knightfall was going. And Talia Al Ghul was really horrible and predictable.

Now, Batman & Robin. George Clooney was not a good Batman or Bruce Wayne, there I said it. But the story was so crazy and convoluted that it fell apart really. But that’s what is kind of enjoyable about the film. That it is so bad that it’s kind of good. I mean, the ice puns and all those flashing neon lights again and all that leather, it’s a parody of itself. It’s really not a good film but it had a lot to laugh at and enjoy. There is a lot to make fun of with the random purple monkey suit men, the freak that is Poison Ivy, Mr Freeze’s ice puns, George Clooney, and all that is Batman & Robin. At least it’s easy to get though, I find it enjoyable and I’m sure some of you did too.

Thank you for reading today, tell me your thoughts on the films and I’ll get back to you. Thanks again.



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