There are people in the world who wake up and look in the mirror and hate the way they look. They think “oh I should lose 10 pounds here or 20 there.” They feel ugly and it’s not their fault.

We are bombarded by ads wherever we are. You stand at a bus stop and there’s a billboard for some new diet or lingerie or swim suit models or whatever. Girls and guys are bombarded with these ads that make them look at themselves in bad ways. They make people envious and feel sick of themselves as they are. They want to change. But is that change better?

I say no, I say no because we should love ourselves. We should love what makes us different. Look at the motto of the Apple company, we think differently. We are all different, and should be proud of it but these ads get people so hurt and sick.

(Looking at an ad on the bus of Calvin Klein underwear on a fit guy.)
Edward Norton to Brad Pitt: is that what a real man looks like?
Brad Pitt laughs his iconic laugh.

We should embrace the difference we have not to embarrassed. Embrace not embarrassed. We shouldn’t look at those ads and think of looking like those people. We are perfect as we are. If we want to lose weight for health or to feel better, okay. But don’t to it because someone in an ad said to. Don’t feel envious of the people in ads.

Is it really worth it to pay out large sums of money or not eat or throw up your food to try to look like what the world perceives as beautiful. It’s not beautiful, it is sick, it is pain.

There are people in the world that don’t think you look beautiful, that think you’re overweight or ugly or whatever. Don’t listen to them if you had a bully, they are long gone. Long gone. Fuck them. There is something missing in their lives that makes them make fun of you. Don’t let it get to you and control you, don’t give them oxygen for their fire.

You are perfect as you are. It’s not worth it to feel bad about yourself, to modify yourself. It’s not worth it. Be the best you, be the better you. Don’t change unless it’s for you, if you need it for health or something but not because of the skeletons on the billboards.

Do what you are doing to do, for you. You are perfect as you are. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy it. Thank you.


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