Hey everyone, I just thought I’d write about my home away from home today. Almost forgot to write today but bumped into my good friend Joe.

So my home away from home is Bullmoose. I discovered it quite a few years ago and I’m always there. I don’t always buy something but I’m there for the company. I love the people there. Whether it’s the workers or live music or some event, I’m there.

First off, for those you haven’t been there. You walk in and the music is playing away, most of the time an artist you may not have heard of but you’ll be curious to find out more. You see posters, movie and music posters. Everything is well organized but feels homey. The slight smell of the incense sticks in the air. The staff is always helpful and love talking to you. It’s a place everyone wants to work, including me.

I always bump into a friend there. Today I saw my friend Joe, who was looking for co-op games to play. So I recommended some to him and we talked a while about gaming and writing.

Bullmoose is great for that. It’s got enough room to walk and talk. It brings the feeling of a comic shop to a movie and gaming shop. But it doesn’t end there, they have books and toys and headphones and trading cards. They have guitar strings, post cards, incense sticks, vhs tapes and nostalgia items. I’ve stopped in there and found old cartoons that I’d since forgotten.

I’m always happy walking in there and get such a friendly vibe. It’s not only for the friendly vibe, it’s the deals. Trust me when I say it, I’ve probably bought $1000 of stuff from there but probably saved about $2000. Now that is something.

Please if you live in Maine, check it out. If you don’t, look at their website I highly recommend this place, it’s my favorite in the word.


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