Hey everyone,

I thought today after the things that have happened that it’d be good to talk about support for different companies and how everyone wants minimum wage to be doubled.

I will keep names out of this, just because some of them I do still support.

Today I went through the 3rd degree to try to get a replacement on something that someone has lost. It was a tablet I gave someone in my family because I figured that they could use it. Well, sometime passed and I hadn’t seen them use the device for a while. When asked where it was, they replied “I don’t know.”

I sat for about an hour, perhaps more on support explaining what happened. I had to repeat this again and again and again. After some time of that, the support person needed someone else to help with the issue. So they sent another person and then another and again. So I repeated what had happened again. So then it comes to the point that I need to call the warranty company.

So I call them and they explain that they can’t replace something that has been lost so I’m out the device but wait there is more! He tells me I can get a refund and I start thinking that this’ll be alright. He then says a partial refund. So I paid $139 for the device, and $35 on warranty and I’m getting back $17-18.

So I take my loses and then check my account, the company I bought the device from has a form to ship the device back. Well I open an email and state again and again that the device is lost. Hopefully that will be the end of it. Oh I hope it is.

But now let’s come back to the point of all of this. My point is that, look how screwed up all of this was and that obviously people were not paying attention to their jobs. Now this is precisely why I believe minimum wage should not be raised. I find people at their jobs all the time who don’t pay any attention, whether they are yapping on the phone or whatever the case. Hell, if they can’t even get your order right at one of the restaurants, not naming names, but if they can’t even get an order right. If they can’t see that someone has said that they don’t want something or lost something and they still do it anyway, after multiple times then I don’t think they deserve a raise.

Look at the people out fighting for our country. I don’t hear them crying about their money or a raise.

These companies, the jobs that these people want a raise at are just beginners jobs. They aren’t meant to support a family or anything like that. And with these people barely, barely doing what their job demands. Yeah they really deserve it.

It’s the same thing with what is going on with video games. I’m sure some of you have heard about that. People are not pre-ordering games anymore and it’s because they pay $60 and get a half finished product. Something broken and unfinished. And then they have to wait for updates and patches to fix what wasn’t finished in the first place. You pay for something, you want the full thing.

Someone on reddit explained it better. He said really was this: say you hire a guy to clean your house. You pay them x amount and they clean everything pretty good. You hire them again, paying the same amount and everything looks fine again and again. So the next time you to and pay the same thing and they finish and get paid but you find that they missed the tub. So you hire them another time and explain about the tub and they start telling you that it’s an add on so it costs more. So you agree and pay even more for something that you had done before perfectly but this time you pay more. So you hire them again and this time their job is sub par, it’s not done and they get paid and leave.

The point is you don’t pay for half of a product. And you don’t pay more for a bad job done. So that’s why I’m leery of buying much from the companies I’ve talked about today and will not be pre-ordering any games ever again.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I know it’s a stressful one but ill try to write something more cheerful tomorrow. Thank you for reading.


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