This is a short story idea I had earlier today and I thought I’d write it down. See if you can guess what’s going on.

I’ve been looking to do this for a while. Time just kept passing me by but no, not today.

I’ve driven up to this bank for almost 2 weeks now planning. Figuring out what is the best time, when most people come and when people go. It takes about 15 minutes for them to leave. So I’ve got to be fast. But I don’t want to rush it, too much room for error.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. Man, a lot of them. But this was no mistake. I have been collecting all the information I need.

I’ve watched and seen this woman come and go. I know she comes in at 8 and she leaves at 5. Too early in the morning wouldn’t be good. They wouldn’t have the money and they’d suspect something.

I’ll wear a disguise. Yeah that’s it. They won’t suspect a thing, nor will she.

It’s been a long time coming, long, long time. I said I made my mistakes. I did, bad mistakes but this is no mistake. I’m ready to put that all behind me and this is no mistake, I know it.

I get out of the car and take a deep breath. It’s about time, people are starting to leave. Not a lot of pressure, not while people are around. I go and slip on my blazer and check my watch. I look in the car mirror. I look good. I fix my mustache and put on a cap and glasses.

No one will recognize me, not today, not anyday. Not even if they knew me…

I go walking with a spring in my step and head on in. No one is paying attention. I reach into my pocket and take out the rolls. I feel for the one that is different and make sure a moment that it’s the right one.

Now is the time, I’ve planned this for so long, you better believe it.

She waves and smiles.

“I can help you here!”

I stroll on up and change my voice. I don’t want her to recognize me.

“I’d like these exchanged for cash. Five dollars.”
“Okay. Let me see.”

She takes the roll from me and feels the difference. I knew she’d notice. She holds it and slams it on the table to break it open. I knew she’d do this. She’s not gentle. Luckily for me, I put it further back than the front. First thing she’ll see is the dimes.

“I’ve just got to make sure it’s correct sir. One moment.”

She starts counting and picking up the quarters. Suddenly, she sees it. She freezes and looks at me and back down and moves back. She’s scared.

“What..what is that?”

I smile and the game has come to it’s closing. Not many people around. It’s time, it’s time to reveal what I’m doing. I

I peel off my mustache and take off my hat and glasses. Suddenly it hits her and she picks it up shaking. I’m almost grinning ear to ear.


The End….


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