When I woke up, as usual I logged into Facebook and Reddit, did a quick skim of what’s going on when something caught my eye. It was a writing prompt on Reddit that stunned me a moment and I had to write on it. It was “Batman is replaced by an evil doppelganger and the only one who has figured it out is The Joker” So what follows is my idea, thanks for reading.

“Ladies and gentlemen! The show is about to begin, a three tiered act that will blow your itty little minds!

The Joker stood at a podium surrounded by an army of his followers. All of them upon a large stage in the middle of Gotham.

“And if anyone tries to ruin my show, you’ll miss out of a big pay out. Now shut up! And enjoy the show!”

The Joker grinned and held a hand out to the audience.

“I need one volunteer to join me, don’t worry GCPD I’m not going to harm anyway. You’ll just have to trust me on this.”

Gordon watched as a young woman stepped out and joined The Joker on the stage. He grimmaced as memories of the torture he went through at The Joker’s hands and what happened to his daughter.

“Snipers on team, what’s your status?”
“We’re setting up down Gordon, what’s the plan?”
“If he does anything foolish, take him down.”
“Yes sir, so far he hasn’t harmed anyone.”

The young woman stepped onto the stage and The Joker took her hand and waved it to the croud.

“No, he hasn’t yet, but it’s only a matter of time. And where the hell is Batman?
“No sight of the Batman sir, it’s still early though.”

The Joker let go of the woman’s hand and went marching backstage and returned with something attached to his hand and a large scroll of paper that dragged well behind him. He did a twirl and stood by the young woman.

“Everyone! Everyone! What I have here is something for our young lady to read. So please be quiet, this is her grand appearance.”

He handed her the scroll of paper and she looked it over and back at him and he nodded and faced the audience.

“What is that on his hand? Do you see that?”
“It looks like… I don’t know sir, it seems to be a button.”
“Damn it, keep focused on him, if anything happens to her, you fire.”

“Red is blue, and black is white. Crime is law and law is felonious. Uhm, sh-should I keep reading? It seems like a lot of opposites.”

The Joker laughed into the air and did a little dance over to her.

“Why yes, yes! You figured it out, well ahead of everyone else but that’s not saying much of Gotham’s brightest. Well now you’ve given up the theme of the show. Dog and cat and child and brat. All opposites, now thank you my dear you are relieved.”

The Joker clicked the button on his hand and something backstage groaned out. It wasn’t normal, it was something pained.

“What did he do? Do you see anything?”
“No sir, but I think he has someone backstage, it could be a trap though.”
“Keep watch.”

Some of The Joker’s men took the young woman and eased her off stage. This was all to the shock of the audience and especially Gordon who tightened his fists.

“He has something planned, I know it, there is something very wrong about to happen.”
“I’m watching everything Gordon, from the looks of it..he’s planned this for a long time.”

The Joker ran back stage a moment and everything was silent, except for the sounds of things behind rummaged through. He returned to stage and had a black and white suit on and swung a cane with each step. Some of his men joined him and they all began a dance.

“Everything has it’s opposite, you and I. The criminal and the detective. But it seems I’ve been doing your jobs for you!”

He pointed his cane right at Gordon and everyone froze in place. Gordon growled under his breathe, every second of this stage performance just made him want to end the clowns life himself.

“Everyone has been faced with a lie! This whole week something has been different. It’s not me, is it you?”

The Joker began dancing again and threw his cane to the audience who backed away and Gordon ran to and checked over. There was nothing wrong with it, just a regular wooden cane.

“Keep your eyes on him, be ready in a seconds notice. Don’t wait for me, you see anything…”
“I’m watching sir.”

“Instead of being the regular criminal that I usually am…reminds me..I really could use some mirolax.”

He laughed wildly into the air and stopped dancing and his men disappeared backstage.

“I’ve been doing our dear Commish’s job. Now, for the final act.”

The Joker stood still as his men returned with Batman tied to a chair. Several rolls of ductape and wire and rope holding him down. His eyes rolling around and his teeth beared.

“This my dears, is NOT the Batman! But none of you have noticed, because it takes a certain..aquantence to understand the..slight differences in his work that just didn’t add up.”

He stomped on over to Batman and slapped him across the face and walked back to the front of the stage.

“What in the hell is going on? How did he..”

“None of you noticed that there was a different Batman out there, he was taking care of you so long, it doesn’t make any sense. You’d know if someone took your parent away and replaced it with an imposter. And you..you simple people. You all call me crazy but I think I’m the worlds greatest detective.”

He went back to Batman and slapped him again and again. The audience gasped and several tried to climb onto the stage but Joker’s men kicked them down.

“I’ve got a shot Gordon.”
“No, not yet, I have to see what the clown is talking about.”

The Joker tore away the mask and there sat a man that no one recognized.

“You won’t get away with this clown.”

The Joker stopped and turned to him. He raised an eyebrown and then walked to the end of the stage.

“He sounds like him, fights like him but this is no Batman, this is an imposter that has been doing some really bad things. He left a sutle explosive device at Arkham, at the GCPD and at Blackgate. He planned to kill..a lot of people. But..lucky for all of you and the inmates and you..the police. You can thank me later.

The Joker waltzed on over to the imposter and sat in his lap and tuged at his face while the imposter groan and growled. The Joker hit him in the throat and the voice changed and he tore away at a very clever facial mask, a fake skin. Underneath was a short, trimmed goatee and some thick eyebrows. His skin was aged but young at the same time. The Joker stood up and walked to the front of the stage again.

“I present to you..the feared, the legendary, the ancient..hey he looks pretty good for a few hundred years…I’ve got to find out where he gets his work done. It could do wonders on me..Ha! Ha! I present to you Ra’s Al Ghul, in the flesh!”

“The immortal?”
“What’s that sir?”
“No, nothing. This is just getting out of hand.”

Suddenly the stage was engulfed in smoke and some figures appeared by The Joker. The smoke cleared and Joker’s men were all being taken out by people in ninja garb. Ra’s had been removed from his bonds and now stood with a batarang to The Joker’s throat.

“You’ll let us leave and won’t persue, the clown is mine.”

In a puff of smoke, the stage was empty except for the bodies of Joker’s men.

Gordon could not believe it, that the clown was the only one who could see there was something different about the Batman.

“Let them have the clown, it’s about time for his end.”


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