Hey there everyone!

I just got the new Dragon Ball Z game and just wanted to do give a quick review. I’ve played many Dragon Ball Z games in the past and very few of them have been impressive.

One of the more impressive games to me was on the Gameboy Color system. The game was Legendary Super Warriors and for an older game I still love to play it today. I thought it was a difficult but good game. The graphics were as you’d expect for a Gameboy but they were nevertheless impressive for the time. It spanned many sagas and was very good for such a game.

Everyone raves about the Raging Blast games but I didn’t really care for them. I found them to be boring, the graphics a little odd and annoying to me. I didn’t like how the clothing looked and overall I couldn’t really get interested in it. With the lack of story line it just kind of left me feeling disappointed.

Xenoverse is a good game with a lot of features, those features can become a bit overwhelming but are very cool. The graphics are great but the voice and lips are not synced up very well. Some battles will take you around a minute and others will make you fight with everything that you’ve got. There is a lot of customization and the character creation system works a lot better than Ultimate Tenkaichi which I felt was not as bad as people said. I’d probably give this game an 8/10 as there are some things that they should fix and hopefully will fix with updates. If they do, I’d gladly revise this review and give it a higher score.

With all that said, it is an enjoyable game though very difficult and sometimes overwhelming at times. I hope you enjoy my review and I’ll add more information as I progress. Thank you.


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