Now it’s been a few years since I’ve really watched Dragon Ball Z and so if any of my information is off at all, feel free to comment and correct me in a nice manner.

When people think of Vegeta, they often think of all of the bad that he did during the series. Some think of the sacrifice he made during the Buu saga. Some think of him as evil, manipulative and cocky. These people are correct but lets analyze this. Vegeta is born prince of the Saiyan race. His father loves him, shows him great compassion. From a young age, he pushes himself to the limits fighting several opponents at once. Then, in a blink of an eye, his kingdom is gone. His family is dead, his race is nearly extinct. He was away this time on a suicide mission from the one responsible for the loss of his family and planet and most of his race.

When he hears that his planet has been lost and his father is dead he doesn’t have much of a reaction. Now, most would say that he disliked his father but I don’t see much evidence to that. The fact that his father was so loving to him and that Vegeta barely reacts is a very curious matter. Now while some would compare his reaction to the coldness of Frieza (no pun intended), I would actually say that Vegeta is a lot smarter than people believe. Evidence to this is when Goku and the gang are fighting him and resort to grabbing his tail, the weakness of a Saiyan. They used this method on Raditz and it worked pretty good so why not Vegeta? Well it fails for them because Vegeta has trained beyond that, and so grabbing his tail is nothing to him. He tosses it off. He had the forethought to do this. Another bit of evidence I’ve been looking at for years is that he is cocky. Some people hate this about him, that he is kind of an asshole. But what I think, with the creation of Vegeta, is that Akira Toriyama and others may have included some thought in Sun Tzu and the Art of War. While I haven’t read that much of the book, I do remember a passage. “If your opponent is angry, make him angrier.” This passage alone reminds me of Vegeta’s cocky remarks during his battles. I take it that he is trying to get his opponent angry enough to make a mistake. When I first heard of Vegeta and watched him on the show, I saw something about him being a militarily briliant and I really took that to heart as I watched him.

While he has barely any reaction to his father’s death, I think it revealed more about Vegeta. I think that he thought he should be cold, that he shouldn’t show emotion. To show emotion is to be weak. I think he let this all known during his fight with Goku in the Buu saga. “I wanted him to reawaken the evil in my heart. I wanted to return to the way I was before! I was the perfect warrior! Cold and ruthless! I lived by my strength alone! Unnhibited by foolish emotions.” He was a great warrior for putting aside his emotions and fighting with everything he had. But everything changed. It started slowly, but it started with him and Bulma. They had a relationship and then came Trunks. I think that Vegeta used this at first because he could see how strong Goku became with his family and friends. I think he allied himself to Goku and the others at first because he thought it would make himself stronger. It did. Gradually even though it started out as a necessary thing to make him stronger, he began to feel for those around him. This especially is shown when his son is killed in front of him by Cell. He is in shock, he can’t believe what has happened in front of his eyes. He jumps into battle to avenge his son, even though his strength isn’t nearly enough to beat Cell. Some think this is a stupid move, but I think it’s a great show of the evolution of his character. And it shows even more as he aids Gohan, the son of his greatest rival. He sees that Gohan can’t quite hold off Cell and does a last minute attack, it isn’t much but it’s enough for Cell to be weakened and distracted and then defeated.

Vegeta’s sacrifice is one of the most telling pieces of his evolution. He is now the only one standing in the fight against an opponent that just won’t go down. He hugs his son, knocks him out so he doesn’t have to see what is about to happen. He has Piccolo carry him away and asks if he will be able to keep his body in the Other World. Piccolo explains that even with the good he has done, the bad outways it and so no he won’t be able to keep his body. Vegeta accepts this and smirks even in the face of death. He waits for Piccolo to leave and does his ultimate sacrifice, blowing himself up with all of his energy to try and kill Buu once and for all. “Trunks, Bulma I do this for you. And yes, even for you Kakarot.” These are his last words as he sacrifices himself for his family and everyone on Earth. Ultimately it doesn’t work. But as Buu goes further and further mad, he blows up the world and everyone ends up in Other World. Goku and Vegeta pair up to take on Buu one last time, for the fate of the universe. It comes down to Goku having to charge his special attack, the Spirit Bomb and he needs Vegeta to keep Buu away from him. Now, if you die in Other World, you’re gone forever. Vegeta fights with everything in him to protect everyone. He continues getting back up after all the beatings that Buu puts him through and even taunts him. Eventually Goku defeats Buu and everyone is saved. In the end Goku and Vegeta just smile and give each other the thumbs up. This is a beautiful ending because they start out as enemies, and end up as friends.

Vegeta is a great character to look at and I’m proud to have his family crest tattoo’d on my arm. I’ve liked him since I first saw him and will always play as him in the video games. He is truly a hero and will always be one of my heroes. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this, I know I did.


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