Hey everyone, it’s day five I think. I’m going to talk to you about scapegoats because that’s what is on my mind today.

Last night there was a special on tv about the little girls who stabbed their friend nearly to death to “impress the Slender Man.” Now, I don’t know about you out there but I found this to be completely disgusting.

But it all comes back to scapegoats. People don’t take responsibility for their actions and put the blame on something that can be controversial at the time.

Look at how Columbine was turned around. How people suddenly blamed Marilyn Manson for the killings just because the kid wore his band shirt.

Look how people blame guns  and knives for murder. The weapons require a catalyst to do what the do. They need someone. They can’t do it on their own. To blame a murder on a gun is to blame an inanimate object for the murder.

These cases of people not taking responsibility stretches far from today’s time. Think back to Salem, remember Salem. Those people attributing some mythical to kill of people that they didn’t like or agree with or to get land or any amount of reasons.

Those girls blaming their stabbing of their friend on trying to impress a fictional character is beyond sick. And they will probably get out sometime in a couple years.

It’s that simple too, they are minors and they blame a fictional character from a game. So then the game will be ridiculed and probably banned. All because these rotten little girls had to use it as a scapegoat.

Just remember, two people got away with killing FBI agents because they “thought they were in The Matrix.”

Just something to think about…


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