We all have dreams. We want to do something with our lives, something important. Something to be remembered by. Some people dream of doing something crazy like climbing Mount Everest or hanging from the top of buildings and structures like those crazy Russian guys in the videos.

One of my dreams as a kid was to be a cop. I had known a few when I was young that my family and I were friendly with. I wanted to stop crime and have a kind of detective noir sort of life. For those that might not know what that means, look at films like The Maltese Falcon. To take my dream further, I wanted to be a roller skating cop. Mind you this was when I was a kid. Yeah I didn’t think that one through all the way.

Lately, my dream is to be a writer. I’d love to do photography on the side but I’d love to be a writer. I want to travel, but I hate planes. I want to experience new things. Probably good that I met Nikki, my girlfriend who lives all the way in Washington State. Yeah, that means a lot of traveling to see her. 3000 miles. Someday I dream of seeing Rome, Japan, maybe even Ireland.

I want to write something someday, something that will be a classic for generations after I’m gone. I want to see my name in the windows of book shops. My dedication list at the end will probably take up a couple pages.

People seem to be dropping their dreams, they get discouraged. Something doesn’t go right and everything seems to fall apart. But nothing is impossible, everything is possible if you can imagine it. We can do anything we want. But you’ve got to have the drive. You can’t ever give up. Like Thomas Edison with the light bulb. It took him 2000 tries to make one, and when he was asked about his failures, he replied “I didn’t fail, I found 2000 ways not to create one.” We’ve got to be determined, we have to have the fire, the fight. No matter what anyone says, you’ve got to give it your all.

For all of that, that’s why I’m writing this blog. I want to become a better writer. I want to have all that I wish for. This is my 4th day of writing in this blog, and I’m going to keep going as long as I can. Keep pushing, keep going and doing whatever leads you to your dreams. I believe in you, believe in yourself. For inspiration, look at the three videos below. Sylvester Stallone’s speech in Rocky Balboa, Mark of Markiplier doing a speech on the pursuit of happiness and finally Lose Yourself by Eminem. They are all inspirational, and should help give you the drive. I listen to their words, and I know I can do it. You can do it too.


3 thoughts on “DREAMS”

  1. Totally true dude. We live in a world where most people look down on others who have dreams and follow them.
    Nine out of ten people will try and bring them down.
    As an artist myself, I try to be around other artists because they understand the artistic mind.
    People that just live the way they think we’re meant to, nine to five jobs, three kids, bills and all are just depressing to be around.

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