I’m going to try to continue with at least 100 words a day because a writer friend told my friend Joe Carro and I to do so, in order to be a good writer.
So what shall I talk about today. Well how about some information on me, since some of you reading may not know that much about me. Some of you, like Joe, have met me just a couple times, some of you haven’t even met me in person.
I’m a movie geek. I try to know everything I can about movies, even ones that I haven’t even seen yet. My favorite films are, in no particular order: Fight Club, Se7en, Star Wars Episode 3, Batman Mask of the Phantasm, Superman, Angels and Demons. As for my movie knowledge, I know that Sam Neil of Jurassic Park was almost cast as Hans Gruber in Die Hard. Viggo Mortensen broke his toes after kicking an orc helmet in Lord of the Rings.  Keanu Reeves, after finishing The Matrix trilogy, had donated this earnings to the special effects guys because they had been guys pretty much off of the street. Marlon Brando didn’t memorize any of his lines for The Godfather, and when asked to lose wait for Apocalypse Now he actually put on weight. Also in Apocalypse Now, Martin Sheen in his famous flip out in the hotel room scene actually did flip out and that was his real blood as he punched a mirror. Director Francis Ford Coppola angered him enough to do so. Also, Nicolas Cage is related to Francis Ford Coppola but changed his name so he could get into acting without any help.
Besides movies, I’m an avid gamer. My first gaming systems were the Gameboy Color and the Playstation one. I now mostly play on my Xbox 360 and on my pc. I, according to the website Xboxamerica, am number 71 in all of Maine with my gamerscore on Xbox. My favorite games of all time are Metal Gear Solid 3, Batman Arkham Origins, Assassin’s Creed Rogue, Skyrim, Star Wars Battlefront and Rayman Origins.
I grew up watching cartoons and for sometime I wanted to be a skateboarder after the cartoon Rocket Power was on. I watched Power Rangers a lot and even up to high school. One of my memories is waking up early in the morning on a saturday, cooking a couple personal pizzas and turning on Power Rangers Dino Thunder.
I like to sleep in as I’m a night owl. In the night time, you’ll most likely find me playing on my Xbox, talking to Nikki on the phone, and on Facebook with friends.
I’ve been with my girlfriend Nikki for almost 5 years now, and met on Deviantart. Since then, we try to see each other for about 2 months during the summer time. We’re both planning to get matching Portal tattoos, I’ve already got mine. We’re both artists in our way, she likes to draw, I like to write. We’re both animal lovers and she plans on getting a tattoo of her German Shepard Kyra someday, while I have a tattoo of my cat Johnny on my arm.
Well that’s all I can think of for now, that wasn’t too hard. Three days down in writing at least 100 words a day. Thank you for reading and again I hope you comment and enjoy. Thank you.


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