We all have heroes. Someone or some people we look up to. They may be real or fictional or you might not have even met them. But we all do have heroes, someone to inspire us. Someone to show us the right and the wrong and the grey area in between. For me, my number one hero has always been Batman. I’ve learned a lot from a fictional character and for some if not most of you reading this I imagine your hero is a fictional character too. I’ve learned to face my fears, no matter what they are. That family and friends are the most important in your life. But I must now bring up the point of this, and that is that though we have heroes, we seem to be tearing them apart.
For some people a hero can be an athlete and I can see why. Look at what they’ve accomplished, all of the hard work to get to where they are now. For them to go to the World Series or the Super Bowl, that is fantastic. Then they make a mistake. They don’t catch a ball in time or throw it the right away or get struck out or any of the mistakes that can and do happen in these games. People look at these mistakes and they scream at their televisions and yell at someone who they’ve looked at as a hero and tear them down. They call them “loser”.  They don’t think of the hard work that their hero had to do to get to this point. They don’t think of the hours sacrificed away from family and friends. They don’t think of all of that training and hard work to get here. No, it’s sad but they yell and destroy their hero with these insults.  But when I hear these things, it just makes me laugh a little inside. I think “Well, I’d love to see you out there doing the same thing.” I’ve never been much of a sports guy, I just started to like the Seahawks this year. Marshawn Lynch is one of my heroes for all of the good work he does, how he is a beast on the field and nothing can get in his way. I respect him for all of his work and dedication.
Besides sports, there are other heroes that people attack. For some people, soldiers are heroes. They fight for our freedom, they fight so nothing happens to any of us over here. We have to defend ourselves from enemies both foreign and domestic, that is why we always need soldiers. But so many people tear them down. Like with Vietnam, when the men came home they weren’t greeted with open arms. They were yelled at and called babykillers. Celebrities joined in on this and a famous actress Jane Fonda took a photo with the enemy sitting upon their tank. These men and women die everyday to protect us from our enemies because that is their sacrifice. They leave behind wives, husbands, children. They leave behind their families but their sacrifices should not be forgotten or taken so lightly. They did this for all of us.
Celebrities can be our heroes too. Such as Ricky Gervais. Most people know him from the British version of The Office, and films such as Ghost Town and The Invention of Lying. But not a lot of people know that he works to save animals from cruelty. He campaigns for it everyday on his various pages like Facebook. And it’s not only for cats or dogs, he tries to save the lions and elephants and other animals we’ve all come to love. Some of the content is disturbing yes but we’ve got to see what is happening to these poor animals and we’ve got to find a way to stop it. Keanu Reeves donated all of his earnings from The Matrix trilogy to the special effects guys because they had been pretty much guys they found on the street that had a skill. He turned them all into multi-millionaires. The late Paul Walker founded the organization Reach Out Worldwide to help people in need from horrible disasters. He actually got down in the muck and helped dig people out of landslides and helped rebuild communities. He is one of my heroes, because a wallet can only do so much. He actually went out and did something instead of getting on the tv and asking all of us to do it for him. Yet people go after these celebrities, they harass them. Ricky Gervais made it famous with his commercial with his niece. She is in the back of a car reading off things people say about him, such as calling him “Fang faced.” She at the end of the commercial asks “Why do these people say these things about you?” He smiles and tells her “It’s because I’m doing something right.” Westboro Baptist Church wanted to picket Paul Walker’s funeral and I never heard any outrage at this. No one would defend him but yet people can criticize character and tear people apart. I’ll always defend people like Ricky Gervais and Paul Walker and Keanu Reeves because they are some of my heroes.
You see what I mean? We shouldn’t attack our heroes and belittle what they have done. We should instead look at ourselves and learn from our heroes. Take what they have done and learn from it. They work hard everyday, and we should too. So before yelling at the tv again or posting something negative about what someone that we like has done, we should think of everything good they’ve done and the work getting to where they are. Thank you for reading and I hope you leave me some comments on this. I hope to continue writing, I’ll try to do the “100 words a day”. Thank you again.


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